Our current headquarters is a 14x14 foot block building. It is a great place to store supplies and get out of the rain, but it does have the limitations of being a single modestly sized room without plumbing. We have ambitions to build a new 1800 square foot (167 square meter) headquarters in Nangodi. A picture of the blueprint is above. The price we have been quoted for the building is USD 40,000. Space in the proposed headquarters is flexibly designed to accommodate a diverse array of projects. It can serve as a guest house, office space, and laboratory or a mixture of all three. This space makes the Nangodi Institute a more attractive partner for research and allows us to take on bigger projects. Now researchers must lodge in the regional capital half an hour's drive away or arrange a homestay in the village. Space for work can be borrowed but is shared with local churches or schools and ill-equipped. Nangodi Institute's future headquarters gives us the dedicated, well-equipped, and convenient space to work on more and larger grants. More and larger external grants are the path to financial self-sufficiency and projects generated and funded in-house.